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what are dried flowers?


Dried Flowers are 100% natural dried and processed products. The Dried Flowers are sowed in spring and after the growing period they will be harvested in summer. The flower is harvested when the natural flower is glorious. Harvesting Dried Flowers requires a lot of hand craft. Some flower products like Helicrysum and Delphinium are still cut piece by piece and by hand with knives from the field. Others such as Acroclinium and Lavender are harvested with a sickle. This highlights once again the natural; handcrafted rustic character of the products.


After the harvest the flowers are dried in drying rooms. Not all flowers are suitable for drying, around 35 flowers can be used for drying. The bunches of flowers are then hung upside down on racks to be ready to go in our drying room. Flowers exist mainly in water. In the drying rooms the humidity will vaporise, the beauty captured and after that the Dried Flower is ready for packing.

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