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📍The bright and sparkling light coloured flower makes a long lasting and cheerful bright spot wherever it is placed. Wonderful alone in a vase, or simply tied with a ribbon and placed on a shelf or hung from a wall, Ammobium is a cheerful reminder of warm summer days and beautiful fields of wildflowers.

The brilliant white color is pure and clean looking. Ammobium adds light to arrangements. Small strawflower - like flowers. Papery blue and pink, a great alternative to more common pastel coloured fillers. A natural dried flower. Our Ammobium has a straw-flower-like feel in its dried state. It never needs watering. Dried Ammobium will not wilt or fade 💙💙💙

You all are welcome to view our products at B1-31, 371 Beach Road or online

See you soon ❤️

Have a wonderful week too 🌷🌼🌿🌻🌸

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